Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Visit with Dad

A couple of weekends ago, Shannon said she wanted to visit her Grandpa Peterson. I was really happy to hear her make this suggestion. Dad has lived out of state since the day Shannon was born. He recently moved to Utah and he now resides with Adam and his family. He doesn't really know Connor and Shannon very well. They have not had the benefit of being around him very much. I have wished and hoped that my kids could have some kind of interaction with my Dad... to get to know their Grandpa.

As we drove to Adam's place I asked Shannon if she would like to sing to Grandpa. She said yes. I didn't have much hope for a quality visit. Dad has gone downhill fast over the past few weeks and has not seemed aware of me during several recent visits. I was sure he wouldn't recognise Shannon, whom he has known for only about a year.

During that year Dad has heard Shannon sing on a few occasions. My kids love music and I like to show them off. Connor would bring his guitar and play for Dad. Shannon would sing for him. Dad enjoyed listening to them and told me how happy he was they have the gift of song in their lives.

When we got to Adam's place we went into Dad's room. He smiled at me, then at Shannon. Then he asked her, "Are you going to sing to me?". This was sweet and strong for me, that Dad was aware of our visit and that he remembered that his granddaughter sings to him.

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